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DEAl with sB

和某人打交道,get along with sb

交往也不太准确吧...应该是对某人如何 deal with 对待,接待,打交道\处理 如DEAL WELL WITH SB. 对某人好

有意思交叉的地方, 但deal with 的意义范围广些 cope with 对付… I cannot cope with that boy; he is stubborn. 我对付不了那个孩子, 他很固执。 Do not imagine that you can cope with all the problems. 别以为你能处理所有这些问题。 deal...


一般用get along with sb 来表达。 deal with sb有这方面的意思,不过更常用来表达处理,照料,交易意思

好,成交。 好,就这样定下来。 1.你说的那种 2.We make a deal 3.We strike(make) a bargain 4.I go to close a deal (with sb.)

divorce sb. 意为”和某人离婚“,与marry sb. “和某人结婚” 相对。...politician totally divorced from (ie unable to understand or deal with) the...

【注】"It is+形容词+of sb.to do"句型一般可转换成一个不定式作状语的句子...(1)Can you think up a good way to deal with the ever increasing prices...

▲direct sth to sbPlease direct all complaints to Head Office.请把意见讲...deal with direct亲自处理drive direct直接开车去fly direct直接地飞go direct ...

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