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和某人打交道,get along with sb

有意思交叉的地方, 但deal with 的意义范围广些 cope with 对付… I cannot cope with that boy; he is stubborn. 我对付不了那个孩子, 他很固执。 Do not imagine that you can cope with all the problems. 别以为你能处理所有这些问题。 deal...



一、with表拥有某物 Mary married a man with a lot of money . 马莉嫁给了一个有着很多钱的男人。 I often dream of a big house with a nice garden . 我经常梦想有一个带花园的大房子。 The old man lived with a little dog on the lonely i...

单从stand这个单词来讲,有站的意思,而已with联合,with是个副词,就有站在……的意思,因此stand with someone就有支持某人的意思。

divorce sb. 意为”和某人离婚“,与marry sb. “和某人结婚” 相对。...politician totally divorced from (ie unable to understand or deal with) the...

1. to 有两种用法: 一为不定式+动词原形; 一为介词+名词/动名词, to 在下面的用法中是第二种,即to+ 名词/动名词: admit to承认, confess to承认, be accustomed to 习惯于, be used to 习惯于, stick to 坚持, turn to开始,着手于, d...

如果形容词是描述人的性格品质,就用of. 有一个我们老师教的方法,就看这个词能不能与sb连用。比如说kind,nice等应用of,可以说成是sb is kind.再比如说possible就应用for,不能说sb is possible. 希望可以帮到你

他谈恋爱。He falls in love with ``` / go steady with sb与异性同居 ...他出面协助处理此事【He came forward to help deal with the matter.】希望...

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