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DEAl with sB

和某人打交道,get along with sb

deal with 1.=treat;take actions about;be concerned with 处理;对付;论述;涉及 *The man is hard to deal with.这个人很难对付。 *It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the problems of traffic in big cities.对付大...


交往也不太准确吧...应该是对某人如何 deal with 对待,接待,打交道\处理 如DEAL WELL WITH SB. 对某人好

2. deal with sb as he deals with others如果我和他下,我就以其人之道还治其人之身--以我炮制其将。If I had played with him , I would have dealt...

造句带句子翻译:1 have...in common with sb2 from then on3 in a way4 deal with5 share sth with sb分享到: 2014-05-17 11:11 网友采纳 热心网友 1...

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